my character

me and my brother both played df and the character ive used since i was like 5 or something is one i got from him. my characters name is drakasta and hes super cool ! the class i mostly use is riftwalker. i got him at level 16 and hes now level 48! here r some pics of him

here are some of my fav characters from the game!!:
nythera is so cool i love her. an icon.. fashion icon.. shes an asshole and she kept threatening to like kill warlic who was her teacher b/c he wouldnt teach her cool shit (he died anyway though).

sepulchure is the antagonist for book 1. he has like a floating skeleton castle and a talking evil sword, and he uses one of the dragon eggs to raise his own evil dragon. also hes a closeted trans girl cuz i said so (im right).

aquella is so cool. you get quests from her to find the water orb. shes dating safiria for sure

safiria is the queen of the vampires. she lives in the woods and kills people sometimes. also shes like a canon lesbian ??!! their minds. she and aquella are DEFInitely a couple !!