theres lots of stuff i like. my main interest is music!

fav genres: electronic, rap, experimental, dance, lots of stuff! i dont listen to music by genre really but i like drums + female vocalists + lyrics that talk about like..birds and shit. its better to look @ artists i like

i could talk about it 4ever.
my top 42 albums (always in progress)

other things i like include:
  • painting my nails
  • doing yoyo tricks (for real)
  • coding this website!
  • using Photoshop (im rly good tbh)
  • oh and btw heres my commission info page :3c

    the artists on the left aren't the only ones i like! heres a more complete list of musicians i listen to. hover for a song i like!

    azealia banks
    doja cat
    qveen herby

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