trans shrine

so obv im a trans girl and i'm pretty... open abt that. i mostly dont have a problem with people knowing, because im proud to be transfem and if they ask me stupid questions that means another trans person is saved from being asked instead.
im stealth irl but a bunch of ppl know at this point. sophie isnt my irl name

i want to say that i respect other trans womens want to be perceived as "women who are trans" and not transwomen, or a "different" way of being female. i totally get that + ive def noticed that cis ppl treat trans womanhood as completely different than cis womanhood- transwoman as a different gender than woman.
for me though, being a trans girl is completely different than being a cis one. i want to be seen as female, but i never want anyone to forget that im trans as well, because for me, any experience i have as a girl is completely affected and changed by the fact that im trans.

i made this page cuz.... idk i wanted to talk about what being trans means to me. cis people can get a better idea of what its like for me and other trans people can hopefully see this page and think abt what it means for them + how ppls experiences differ. ig i just wanted somewhere i could be open and state how i feel

i cant speak for everyone but i can speak for me.

also, you dont need dysphoria to be trans. as someone w like pretty strong dysphoria..... yeah its not necessary at all. being trans is defined by ur desire 2 be (perceived as) another gender and not "how much you want it" or in what ways you know you are ur actual gender.

as for like mogai genders...... idk theyre not really a big deal? like i dont get how ud feel ur gender is like.... related to clouds or smth but i mean. if thats what feels accurate and makes you happy then i 100% respect u and im glad uve found whats right for u.